Sunday, December 29, 2013

Help design (and choose a new title for) an additional blog?

To the generous people who have asked, I have fallen behind on new blog posts because I’m trying something new.

Last fall I was about to “launch” a new blog that was more “technical” and “specialized” than the Vestal Grove blog. (I’ve tried to keep Vestal Grove accessible to any person who might be interested in ecosystems.) Then, in quick succession, I had to bury myself in preparations to do presentations for three major conferences, and then I started messing with drafts for the new blog. Now I'm about ready to resume both Vestal Grove and the “new blog.”

Would you be willing to help me think about possible titles (and goals) for a blog about getting better at ecosystem conservation through stewardship and restoration?

(Perhaps you can improve or have a better one? Or tell me which ones you like best?)

Prairie Doc

Strategies for Stewardship

Trying to be a Good Steward

Healing Stewards

Better Living for Nature

Biodiversity Builders

Handcrafted Ecosystems

Birth of a Healing Discipline: learning to restore ecosystems

Battlefield Medicine for the Ecosystem

Restore and Restock: by and for ecosystem stewards

A Time to Heal: idea exchanges of, by, and for ecosystem stewards

Cut, Sow, Reap, and Burn

Cut, Plant, and Burn

Slash, Seed, Burn, and Ponder


Rebirth of Ecosystems

States of the Art: Eco-restoration

State of the Ark

Eco-Upgrade: better skills for stewards

Eco-Upgrade: evolving insights in ecological restoration

Blundering Toward Bethlehem

Better Stewards


Better Eco-medicine

Improving Stewards

Eco-Restoration Practice

Perhaps the brief description could be something like:
“This blog starts with ongoing eco-restoration experiments in northeastern Illinois and invites participation by everyone interested – especially people participating in this very new healing profession or discipline.”

Or might you suggest something better?


Anonymous said...

The statement “more technical and specialized” to me means you are hoping to attract active practitioners and maybe academia that focuses on research to improve ecological restoration. Ecological restoration is a big field so narrowing it down to the eastern tallgrass prairie complex (prairies, savannas and oak woodlands) might be prudent. It would be good to have a title that reveals the blog’s mission but is not overly long in words. I’ll add another one to your list – Tallgrass Prairie Complex Practitioners Exchange. I am happy with any of the titles you proposed. I am looking forward to the blog as most “ecological restoration” blogs today are very light on material to advance ecological restoration practices and heavy on pictures/general info.


Stephen Packard said...

Very helpful comment.
It's my hope, as you suggest, that it would be useful to people doing restoration for biodiversity conservation.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephen, great to hear of your new initiative. My favourites from your list are Handcrafted Ecosystems, Biodiversity Builders, Restore and Restock and Strategies for Stewardship, each followed by a short description as suggested by David above. Best wishes for 2014, I hope the new blog goes well, Ian

Stephen Packard said...

Thanks, Ian.

It's always a pleasure and an honor to get the wise counsel of Ian Lunt who researches and writes a spirited and insightful blog on southern Australian ecosystems. You can find it at

While I'm at it, thanks also to the many good people who offered comments off line.

Steve Halm said...

A fun list! Two addition popped to mind...Triage for Trees, or Tree Triage...